CARE INSTRUCTIONS The material tolerates different temperatures and can be stored in e.g. in the bathroom or on the balcony (avoid storing in very cold or dry climate). However, always make sure that the basket can dry well if it gets wet. If needed, the basket can be washed with cold or warm water and scrubbed with a mild soap. If the basket loses its shape over time or just needs a little refresh, you can easily reshape it as many times as you like to restore its original shape. When the material is wet, it becomes very flexible and easy to shape. To reshape the basket, thoroughly wet the basket e.g. in the shower with cold or warm water (avoid the leather parts) and reshape it by firmly pressing and tapping the basket to its desired shape. Then let the basket dry for about a day. The natural dyes may gradually fade if left in direct sunlight. Our baskets are fully naturally made, no chemicals have been used in the production.